December 10 and 17, Sundays. Mass is at 11 AM. Half hour befor mass and during the mass priest will be available for the confession.

December 24, Sunday, 11 AM

December 25, Monday, Christmas Day (HDO), 11 AM

December 26, Tuesday, St. Stephen’s Day, 11AM.

January 1, Monday, New Year’s Day, Solemnity of Mary Mother of God (HDO), 11 AM

January 6, Saturday, Ephiphany - Three Kings (HDO), 11 AM


Mass at Sv. Ladislav Catholic Church is in English each Sunday at 11:00. Masses in English on Holy Days of Obligation, which do not fall on Sundays, are variously celebrated. Consult this web site or send us an email for specific information regarding them.

Sv. Ladislav Church is located at Špitálska 7, Bratislava. Across from Tesco department store. Please consult the map below to see the specific location. Parking is available, but only pay parking in the immediate area.



For the sacrament of Penance ("Confession"): one may come to the sacristy of the church on Sunday prior or after the mass to request confession from the priest who is there. For sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage,and also Penance: contact the Parish office of St Martin's Cathedral, Kapitulská 9, during office hours Monday-Friday between 14:30 and 16:30. e-mail: dom@fara.sk; website: http://dom.fara.sk


We are an active, faith-filled, Catholic Christian community in Bratislava, that comes together to worship each Sunday at 11:00 am at St. Ladislav Church in English language. Our weekly mass celebration and programs are are open to all who seek a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

It all started in1993, when a retired Divine Word missionary, Father Frantisek Sirovic SVD, started saying masses in English here. Thereafter, we have been blessed to have diocesan priests serving us, as well as those representing the Divine Word, Jesuit, Redemptorist and Rogationist religious orders.

We parishioners come from all corners of the globe. We are a mix of ethnicities, nationalities and sometimes even denominations and religions. And while you can see Slovaks, Africans, Americans, Asians, British, Dutch, French, Germans, Italians, Spanish, etc. among us, we all sing the same songs and share the same communion. Some of us are permanent residents of Bratislava, others are just passing through and grace us with their presence.

Whatever your circumstances, you are most cordially welcome to join us. Please "click" on the above icons for more information on our Sunday worship and related weekly programs or contact us at: info (AT) catholic.sk

Looking forward to seeing you!

See how it was ... 
A few volunteers have shown us what happen 100 years ago.
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