Welcome to St. Ladislav Catholic Parish!

We are an active, faith-filled, English-speaking Christian community in Bratislava, who come together to worship each Sunday at 11:00 am.  Our weekly mass celebration and programs are in the English language, and are open to all who seek a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our parishoners come from all corners of the globe. We are a mix of ethnicities, nationalities and sometimes even religions and denominations. And while you can see Slovaks, Americans, Asians, British, Dutch, Germans  etc. , we all sing the same songs and share the same communion.

Some are permanent residents of Bratislava, others are just passing through and grace us with their presence. Whatever your circumstances, you are most cordially welcome to join us. Please "click" on the above icons for more information on our Sunday worship and related weekly programs.

Looking forward to seeing you!

For more information regarding the community or website please contact us on feedback@catholic.sk
Sacrament of Penance - Confession,  Father Rastislav Dluhy is available for confession in English at  Kostol sv. Cyrila a Metoda - Redemptoristi. , close to the main train station in Bratislava.  Contact him directly by e-mail for more information:  rastidl@gmail.com 
For  information related to the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage, please contact the Parish office of St Martin's, Kapitulská 9, during office hours  Monday - Friday between 14:30  and 16:30.

E-mail: dom@fara.sk
Website: http://dom.fara.sk/

Sunday Readings