English Bible Group

Welcome to English Bible group! We are a group of enthusiastic Christians who come together once a week to pray, read, reflect and discuss the Old and New Testament in English language.

Over the years we have had more than 300 people pass through our group, some just for one visit, others who continue to participate. Presently we have about 10 individuals participating regularly. Whether you are just visiting us one time, or intend to participate regularly, you are most cordially welcome!

We are sponsored by Dom Quo Vadis ,and meet there each Thursday at 19:00 throughout the year, except for holy days, when Dom Quo Vadis is closed, as well as "summer break" in July and August.

email: dr0608 (AT) gmail.com   

Looking forward to seeing you!

Pax Christi
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Pivotal Players
Pivotal Players is a five session video/discussion course on the great men and women who shaped our Catholic Church. The first will be presented this Thursday, Feb 22 at Dom Quo Vadis 19:00pm, upstairs. It focuses on St. Francis of Assisi. Everyone is welcome to attend!
Passover Seder Meal
There will be a Passover "Seder" meal with Christian interpretation on Sunday, March 11 at 14:00 at Dom Quo Vadis. The Passover meal was the setting for the Last Supper. It is therefore helpful for better understanding the Catholic mass and the Eucharist. Please come and help us celebrate this amazing event. All are welcome!
Daily Mass Readings