From time to time, courses of Catholic Christian education and formation are run in English and presented at Dom Quo Vadis .

Past courses run have included: "Discovering Christ," "Following Christ," "Sharing Christ," and "Queen of Heaven." and most recently, "Pivotal Players" .

For more information concerning the dates and times of these upcoming courses check "News" on the right hand side of this web page.
LEGION OF MARY is an active lay apostolic organization which is responding to Pope John Paul II's call for a "new evangelization. We are meeting each Sunday at Dom Quo Vadis, 18:00 and are presently inviting all who are interested to come and learn more about the Legion. There is no pressure to join, and in fact, according to the rules, nobody can become a member prior to a 90 day reflection period. So come and see what we are all about!  For more information:
Check out the new sv. Ladislav Facebook page, for all information about Holy Mass in English, as well as other parish activities!
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